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This brand new Carrier condenser was installed on a St. George Utah home, both condensers are 14 SEERS and you can see how much smaller the new unit is. SEERS is the energy rating that the HVAC system has the higher the SEERS the more efficient the system is. Going from a 13 seer up to a 14 seers will save you roughly 7.2% per year on cooling cost. The old condenser made it 11 years before the compressor failed in it. We gave the homeowner the option of repairing the old ac compressor or getting a full new heating and cooling system. The customer opted for a new unit with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind, also the old unit was using R22 refrigerant which is no longer used and expensive to get. If you looking to get your air conditioner installed or repaired on your St. George home give EMCO Heating & Air a call.


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