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EMCO’s Superior Furnace Tune‑up

How much money is your furnace costing you from improper maintenance? Don’t wait until costly repairs to have your furnace checked, we are available all year long. EMCO’s Superior Furnace Tune-up program is a comprehensive 20 point inspection completed by a certified HVAC tech. Stop letting your furnace waste energy and money by inefficiently heating your home and let our Southern Utah heating and air team help you today! Our furnace tune-up is only $79.99

What is our Superior Furnace Tune-up?

Our 20 point inspection is designed to ensure you have proper airflow, reduce repairs, improve efficiency, maintains the manufacturers warranty, and most importantly keeps you safe.  Here is a list of items that will be inspected if applicable to your furnace type.

  • Inspect the Heat Exchangers – for cracks from metal fatigue that could leak harmful carbon monoxide into the indoor breathing air.
  • Check for Gas Leaks – to prevent unsafe conditions and wasted fuel
  • Clean and Inspect Flame Sensor- build-up on sensor will cause flame safety lockout
  • Evaluate Available Fresh Air  – to ensure an adequate flow of oxygen for combustion
  • Inspect the Flue Pipe – to ensure no corrosion is present which can lead to cracks and the introduction of exhaust into your home
  • Clean and Inspect the Ignition Assembly – to ensure reliable operation on demand
  • Test and Document Inducer Draft Motor Amperage – to ensure continuous safe flow of exhaust products
  • Verify The Flue Draft – to ensure exhaust is properly vented to the outdoor and flue pipes are free from obstructions and at safe clearances from combustibles
  • Analyze the Carbon Monoxide Levels – to ensure levels are within safety specifications
  • Inspect and Evaluate the Safety Controls – to ensure your safety and protection
  • Analyze the Temperature Difference Across the Heat Exchanger – to ensure proper air flow and system efficiency
  • Test and Document Blower Motor Amperage – to predict motor failure and ensure efficiency
  • Examine The Main Blower Motor Bearings for Wear – to ensure reliable operation
  • Test The Motor Capacitor – to ensure proper energy usage and reliable operation
  • Inspect Air Filter – a clean air filter will reduce energy use, increase airflow, improve indoor air quality and improve comfort (Ask about our monthly filter program)
  • Lubricate All Oilable bearings – to maintain efficiency and extend the equipment life
  • Examine Pressure Switch Operation and Tubing- cracks in tubing can cause system failure
  • Inspect The Electrical Connections – to ensure uninterrupted operations and prevent burned wires
  • Verify the Fan Delay Control Assembly Operations – to prevent wasted energy and excessive noise from nuisance cycling
  • Clean Out the Condensation Trap – to ensure reliable operations of 90%+ Furnaces


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