Carrier Furnace Install St. George Utah


We installed a brand new Carrier furnace in this St. George, Utah home. The old heating and cooling system made it 11 years before the compressor went out. It was using R22 refrigerant which is no longer made so the owner opt’d to get a new system installed due to the cost of trying to buy R22 and fixing the old compressor. This is a heat pump unit so it pushes hot refrigerant through the lines into coils which it blows the heat off of. It does the exact opposite during the summer when you need cold air and pushes cold refrigerant through the lines.  The customer is happy knowing she has a 10-year warranty on her new unit.  If you need your heat pump repaired or installed in St. George, Utah give EMCO Heating & Air a call we sell Carrier and Bryant furnaces and air condition units.


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